Fabric maintenance

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We have solid experience in maintenance projects for offshore installations all around the world. In all cases, we have succeeded in both improving the maintenance process and quality while at the same time reducing costs.

We can offer you comprehensive project planning, including requirements assessment, in:
- Equipment
- Manpower
- Reporting
- Quality control

We can offer total project management, including:
- KPIs
- Budgeting support
- Ongoing evaluation

Allowing TPO Group to do the project planning and project management guarantees you a controlled and effective maintenance process.

Conditions surveys

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To avoid unforeseen costs, it is essential to have precise knowledge of the actual conditions of a offshore installation.
TPO Group has extensive experience in conducting thorough condition surveys of offshore installations in service, which will give you a sound basis for making the right business decisions and formulating action plans.
We support you by:
- Undertaking thorough inspections of all areas on board
- Providing detailed reports with extensive photographic records
- Securing the necessary documentation for the owner and manufacturer, thereby enabling sound decision-making and work planning
- Delivering cost overviews of the extent of necessary repairs

Guarantee surveys and claims

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Settling complaints and claims on coating system failures can be a tricky business. If you are the claimant, TPO Group can provide you with all the services you need to make the claims process faster, more efficient – and more likely to succeed.

We support you by:
- Inspecting all areas on board.
- Providing a detailed report with extensive photographic records and a cost overview of repairs, so that you will have the right documentation to make a claim.
- Providing realistic cost estimates for repair work.
- Contributing specialised know-how during negotiations with claims assessors, insurance companies and/or coating manufacturers.

Training courses

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TPO Group offers effective and individually-customised training courses by knowledgeable experts.
The courses cover everything from proper surface preparation, paint application, paint types and compatibility issues to the practical dos and don’ts of all maintenance scenarios. The courses can be held at your own premises or at any other venue of your choice, including webinars.

The object is to train your technical organization and crew to successfully handle the daily maintenance processes.


tpo group
Using TPO Group means you will get it right from the start. We customize the initial paint specifications to the actual newbuilding project and the intended use of the offshore installation - which is essential for the subsequent maintenance processes.
We undertake shipyard follow-ups during the process to ensure that the specifications are adhered to, thereby preventing problems arising with the coating later on. What’s more, we also offer extensive guarantee surveys within the guarantee period.