I would like to pass my thanks to TPO Group. Your effort, engagement and extraordinary approach draw this project to the present stage. Thanks to TPO Group we could achieve quality and well control the costs. It was very beneficial from my point of the view.

Jacek Szymaniak

Donnelly Tanker Management

About Painting Hull

Protection is in our nature

We protect your marine and offshore assets against corrosion.

TPO Group takes action on the basis of thorough analyses and measurements. We provide solutions that match your needs – never forgetting to consider the day after tomorrow, too.

Our teams are composed of highly-experienced, fully-qualified, safety-conscious project managers.

In 2015, TPO Group supervised the preparation and application of anti-corrosion measures for more than 1.5 million m2 of vessel areas in dry docks all over the world.

Not only is our work top quality, securing long-term performance – in 84% percent of the projects, the ship owners ended up saving money, compared to the estimated budget.

Contact us to hear how we can help you to preserve your assets: tech@tpogroup.com.

What can TPO Group do for you?

Here are five good reasons to choose TPO Group:

1. Large coating projects are complex and costly, and it is not always clear that you are getting what you paid for. Using TPO Group means you won’t have to worry about missing out any vital issues in the coating project, which gives you more time to focus on other important matters.

2. You will be guaranteed solid and professional project management by our qualified, highly competent staff, who have the experience to be able to assess both foreseeable and unforeseeable situations, and who always deliver premium quality work.

3. You will always be provided with thorough project documentation via our reports, which will give you valuable information for future asset management.

4. You will receive objective advice and recommendations.

5. You can potentially realise overall project savings, as has happened in 84% of the projects we have managed.

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