Protection is in our nature – Offshore drilling rig and FPSO ship

Protection is in our nature

TPO Group was established in 2005 and we extended our business model and proud that we managed to acquire Safinah Ltd. (UK) in August, 2018.

We have merged TPO Group Tech service division into Safinah Group. Safinah is the world leading independent coating expert company and have more than 20 years of experience in the coating consulting industry.

TPO Group offer for budgeting and future planning of maintenance campaigns to carry out detailed pre-project condition surveys.

Our dedicated teams make execution of the coating fabric maintenance campaign onboard vessels and offshore installations while they are kept in operation.

TPO Group Teams are composed of highly-experienced, fully qualified, safety-conscious workers, lead working foreman and project managers.

In TPO Group we provide solutions that match your needs – never forgetting to consider the day after tomorrow, too.